Agro virtual assistant

What is the DASA ® Agro virtual assistant?

Our Agro virtual assistant will help you choose which elfer® products are suitable for you based on the type of crop and the conditions in which it is found.

The resolution of problems and the prevention of these are important factors in the care of the crops, and that in many cases cannot be seen with the naked eye or there is no adequate knowledge to prevent when your crops are beginning to show symptoms that affect their appearance, productivity or vitality.

We can offer personalized advice to recommend the best products for your crops, depending on the conditions in which they are.

To do this, you must answer the questions that we ask you below. When you finish, we will recommend the products that best suit your needs. If you need more information, we will be happy to listen to you and help you solve any doubts and problems.


Experts in crop advice

At DASA® we have spent decades helping producers and distributors to improve yields and the final quality of crops.

Our experience and know-how over time have allowed us to learn to efficiently manage plant nutrition ans soil health. They need assistance in different crop varieties and under specific climate conditions, both from the northern and southern hemispheres. This learning process has enriched us as professionals in the agro sector, and it has contributed to constantly improved our products to offer the best AgroSolutions to problems of plant nutrition and soil health.

As a result of the close contact with agro professionals and the personalized advice that we offer lrsd us to go one step further and help anyone who has a crop. With our archive of crop guides, you will find information on what types of soil are preferred, what is the ideal temperature range in every growth cycle, the extension of production In Spain or the varieties of every crop.

Crop types



Fruit trees


Wild fruits

Minor fruits

  • Minor fruits




Industrial plants


  • Herbaceous


  • Superfoods

Ornamental plants

  • Ornamental plants


  • Forestal

Grass/Golf courses

  • Grass

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