Vigorous tree with a voluminous and rounded crown that can grow up to 10m in height thanks to its deep and extensive root system. Its branches have brown bark and its leaves are elliptical and wide, about 5-10cm long. Its flowers are hermaphroditic and white or slightly pink. Its fruits are globose or oblong drupes, orange-yellow in color with a redder color in the area where they receive more hours of sun.

Spain is the third largest producer of apricots in the world, its cultivated area being approximately 20,000 hectares with a production of about 20,000 tons. The main areas of crop In Spain are located on the Mediterranean coast, especially Murcia and Valencia, as well as other areas with less extension such as Aragón, Baleares and Albacete.



Apricots grow optimally in deep, well-drained loam soils. Although usually, as they are planted using patterns adapted to the soils of the place, it can be planted in any type of soil to which the pattern adapts.






  • Loamy soils
  • Deep soils
  • Well-drained


In winter the crop needs between 350 and 1100 hours below 7ºC. They support sub-zero temperatures well, but at the time of flowering their flowers are very sensitive to low temperatures and frosts. The apricot is a demanding species in light and needs a good insolation to give high yields.


On the other hand, its water requirements are lower than other fruit trees, being around 500-700mm of water per year. Young trees have higher irrigation needs, but once the trees are well rooted they do not need continuous irrigation to generate good yields.

Irrigation properties



Depending on the region different varieties will be produced especially adapted to its climate. In the case of apricots there are many varieties, every one specific to the area where they were initially adapted. At the national level, Búlida and Canino is grown. There are also other varieties grown in specific geographical areas such as Currot, Mauricio, Palau, Rojo de Carlet or Moniquí.

Other similar crops

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