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elfer® is the reference brand in plant nutrition and soil health products. As a family business we started our bussiness activity in 1941, manufacturing and marketing fertilizers and other agronomic specialties. From the beginning, Desarrollos Agroquímicos S.A. DASA® goal has been to improve crops and practice modern and sustainable agriculture, adapting to the needs of our customers thanks to our team of technicians and specialists. Nowadays, the bussiness is lead by the third family generation of the company. From the close collaboration with specialists in the agricultural sector has led us to focus on what we are today: a multidisciplinary team of experts in plant nutrition and soil health, at the service of effective agriculture of the XXI century.

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At DASA® we offer complete advice for the development and creation of new elfer® products, with the aim of satisfying the needs of Every farmer. Scientific knowledge, experience and quality are the pillars on which we base our products, and we offer the combination of these concepts to provide solutions to your problems. and achieve the desired effect on the plant. Our technical team of agronomists, chemists and biochemists will go to work to solve your problem.

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elfer® commitment to the new environment-friendly agriculture

DASA® is commited to a work model that respects the environment. The DASA® Team aims to guarantee a more ethical agriculture, promote healthy production and sustainable management of all ressources. That is why we have a line of organic fertilization products, certified with the prestigious control BCS - ÖKO Garantie and CAAE.

elfer® commitment to the new environment-friendly agriculture
elfer® Agrosolutions customized for crops

elfer® Agrosolutions customized for crops

We are aware of the complexity of many of the soils and the adverse climatic conditions of both hemispheres that growers have to manage. For this reason, we offer to help and advise them, with the possibility of developing products with specific formulations that adjust to the needs of their crops.

Specialists in international Agro markets

During these last years we have constantly worked to adapt to the evolution of new markets in all geographical areas of the globe. We have directed our efforts to consolidate ourselves in the market and to open new horizons, taking our elfer® products to different countries and continents. From Menàrguens, to the world!

Specialists in international Agro markets
Cooperation with farmers and specialists

Cooperation with farmers and specialists

We collaborate with all kinds of professionals in the sector: from companies looking for technical solutions for their Farmers to Producers who need professional advice to maximize their crop production with quality. Our versatility to adapt products, the experience and knowledge focused on professional advice to our clients, allows us to adapt to any type of problem to always find the best solution to farmers problems.

Constant research and development

Agriculture is a way of life that dates back thousands of years and its improvement has been part of the DNA of DASA® since its inception back in 40s. As such, agricultural practices have evolved over the time and nowadays it is easier than ever to control all aspects of the development process of different crops. At DASA® we also work to improve and advance with technology and research aspects of this process, and our R & D team constantly looks for ways to improve the health and productivity of crops and soil.

Constant research and development

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Biostimulants that allow the plant to overcome abiotic stress such as extreme temperatures, frost, drought and salinity

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