DASA®: rooted for 80 years

DASA® is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of agronutrients. Our biostimulants, deficiency correctors, saline correctors, soil improvers from plant extracts and other agronomic specialties are intended to constantly help producers to improve the health of the soil and the yield of their crops. Since our beginnings in 1941, we have maintained a business trajectory linked to efficiency, quality and respect for the planet through the constant research for new substances to incorporate to plant nutrition and soil health products for maxium Farmer return.

DASA® values

We are the field factory

As manufacturers of our products, we control the design of DASA® products from the beginning until their performance in the fields of our different markets. The DASA® Lab is our in-house laboratory where the design of formulations are made to guarantee effectiveness for econimic return to the Farmers. At DASA® we manufacture products at the service of the farmer, to later market them nationally and internationally, both in direct sale to the farmer and through distributors.

We constantly collaborate with specialized research centers to produce more with fewer resources. We constantly work on developing products specialies to be the innovative and effective solution to the nutritional problems of producers. Our advisors will recommend a sustainable fertilization in line with our values of rationalization, optimization and sustainability of our fertilization plans. Do not hesitate to contact us!

DASA® advisors at the service of the producer

We manufacture customized agrosolutions

At DASA® we have a technical team with the ability to offer customized solutions to the needs of different crops and vegetative states, both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. We offer our distributors the design of product lines tailored to the different markets through global and participatory advice. We will be happy to help correct and prevent deficiencies, nutritional problems and the soil of your crops. Because your problems that are also ours.

Our exclusive brand elfer®, that means the fertilizer, is a line of products conceived seeking to achieve efficiency and balance in formulations to correct deficiency states, improve soil structure or correct irrigation water and to achieve the highest final quality of the fruit. The effectiveness of elfer® and DASA® products are 100% guaranteed for 2 years since the manufacture day. The external laboratories we work with are certified with ISO 17025, guarantee objectively the quality of our products, guaranteeing their effectiveness.

We market innovative and effective elfer® products

DASA® commitment to sustainable agriculture for the 21st century

We constantly collaborate with specialized research centers to produce more with fewer resources to scientifically develop special products that are the innovative and effective solution to the nutritional problems of producers. Our consultants will recommend a sustainable fertilization in line with our values ​​of rationalization, optimization and sustainability of our fertilization plans. Do not hesitate to contact us!

DASA®, the evolution of a family linked to agriculture

The passion for agriculture, farmer service and product improvement is rooted in the family legacy that has been passed down to the different generations of the company.

40s :
Ramón Fabregat was the one who laid the foundations of the passion for agriculture and founded the family business in Lleida dedicated to the commercialization of fertilizers, seeds and an alfalfa dryer. Over the years, it distributed products from Spanish manufacturers Fertiberia, Ercross and other renowned specialties to help farmers obtain better harvests.

The second generation of the family, leaded band José María Fabregat, started DASA's activity in our first factory in La Bordeta (Lleida). At that time DASA started its development by distributing other brands fertilizers and developing its own plant extracts focused on its multiple benefits on plant nutrition and soil health. That was the moment when elfer® BIOSOIL was born. Its exclusive manufacture process based on plant extracts, improves the structure and general health of the soil, resulting on a substantial improvement in the performance of the final yield of its crops. From the 80’s elfer® Biosoil has been successfully commercialised under elfer® brand, and also marketed under other brands to reach a greater number of farmers and spread it benefits to plant nutrition production.

When our factory in La Bordeta (Lleida) got too small for us, DASA moved to bigger facilities in Alcoletge (Lleida). Over the time we evolved to the reseach and development of specialized plant nutrition and soil health. From the beginning our objective has been to work with Producers, listening to their needs and improving their crop yields. At the end of this decade, DASA® began its international expansion.

We consolidated our international expansion, establishing in 1992 our Headquarters in Menàrguens (Lleida). We initiated strategic partnership with large producers and International distributors, who shared our same values: to provide differential high-performance products to Farmers to maximize their return on investment.

Nowadays; Committed to the modern and sustainable agriculture of the 21st century:
Born of close collaboration with agriculture specialists, producers, prestigious research centers and specialised scientists. We constanty cooperate with the Agro stakeholders that are the experts in the efficient management of their crops. They are our motivation to continue our evolution in the design of efficient plant nutrition, based on mitigating the adverse effects of plant stress and improving the plant structure and health of soil. We help them manage and optimize crop performance of Farmers who rely on our products year after year.

Biostimulants that allow the plant to overcome different types of abiotic stress such as high temperatures, frosts, droughts and salinities®


The DASA® Family

In DASA® the family values are of vital importance. We take care of the DASA® team as a part of the DASA® Family, which is made up of top professionals to offer the best service to our customers.



Department responsible for the manufacture, packaging and labeling of our agronomic specialties and recommended products. As manufacturers with direct sales to the producer, we prepare product for shipment of pick up for both for farmers or national or international shipment.



Technical team responsible for research and development of new formulations and continuous improvement of the existing formulations. They are responsible for the quality control that guarantees maximum effectiveness of all our productions during the life of the product.



Team of advisors that is in touch with producers and professionals in the agricultural sector that resolves the inquiries on the efficient management of all types of crops. They are in charge of product recommendations depending on the phenological state of the plant.



Team responsible for administrative and accounting tasks necessary to provide good customer experience.

DASA® Headquarters

We are currently located in the town of Menàrguens (Lleida, Spain), located in a strategic agricultural environment that allows us to be in touch with Producers. We are surrounded by stone and seed fruit trees Stone, extensive, orchards and special crops.

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Internationalization of DASA®: from Menàrguens to the World

Practically since our inception, at DASA® we have evolved in our internationalization project with the desire to help the planet's farmers to maximize crops in a sustainable way.

In recent decades, we have directed our efforts to increase our presence in markets in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.


DASA® legacy

At DASA ® we honor day by day the legacy transmitted by the founders of the DASA ® family. Its values ​​continue to be present and we continue to consider them intangible heritage, transmitted from generation to generation to continue sowing the concept of innovative and sustainable agriculture.These are some of the ethical values ​​that define our legacy.

  • Respect for Nature and for all those who work the land.
  • Contribution to good agricultural practices, helping to produce more with fewer resources. We understand as an obligation to give back to Mother Earth what she gives us.
  • Integrity, initiative, total involvement of the DASA® family in the company's development project.
  • Good communication and teamwork promoted by the collaborative work in the DASA® Team.
  • Total commitment of the DASA® family as a team with the core values ​​of the company.
  • Innovation and constant improvement of the quality of the products and therefore of the food of the producers who trust DASA® to produce healthy food.
  • Continuous evolution of the DASA® team, making grow the legacy of DASA®.

Our mission is to help produce healthier food, of optimum organoleptic quality, to any producer in the world. We work every day for the application of good agricultural practices, promoting the use of biostimulant substances that trigger efficient metabolic routes in plants that lead to maximum quality food for each of our families and the future generations.

The DASA® commitment to quality and the environment


Committed to quality

The high performance of our formulations is the origin of all our products. All our formulations are intended to activate physiological processes in the plant, promoting the use of raw materials of Maximum quality. We believe that the improvement of the physicochemical conditions of the soil influences the efficiency in the absorption and availability of nutrients, thus stimulating the vegetative activity of the plant. For this, our R + D department guarantees the richness and benefits of our formulations for a at least of 2 years. This self-imposed level of demand for Maximum quality and continuous improvement influences DASA® formulations. The performance of our products is backed by the objective approval of external laboratories certified by ISO 17025. They corroborate quality according to the quality control of DASA®.


Respect for the environment

At DASA® we are committed to a sustainable and regenerative soil, based on a circular economy that provides tools to producers to apply better products that respect the environment. We promote the use of environmental resources and even the use of raw materials that are recycled products of other industries. For this reason, we offer a line of ecological / organic / biological products and zero residue, remaining faithful to respect for the environment and care for our planet. Proof of our commitment are our 100% ECO / ORG / BIO products, which have the certifications of internationally renowned control entities:

oko caae

ISO Certificates

All our production processes follow the standards of current ISO standards, obtaining the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates from Bureau Veritas.

The work of our team team follows the premises of our own environmental and quality policy , maintaining the values ​​of improving crops and soil health in a sustainable and balanced, working with farmers and responding to their needs.

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