The apple tree is a medium-sized (4m) deciduous tree with a rounded open crown. Its shoots are short and its leaves are elliptical, wavy and irregularly serrated. It belongs to the Rosaceae family and to the genus Malus. The apple tree is today one of the most cultivated temperate fruit tree species in the world.

In Spain, the manazo crop generates an average of 750,000 tons of annual production. As it is a fruit with a high dietary value and widely used in Spanish gastronomy, it is an important crop to try and take into account in the national market.



The apple tree is a tree that needs a pH in the soil between 6.5 and 9 pH, a minimum root depth of 40 cm and soils without salinity and well drained in order to grow optimally. In this case, a correct choice of the pattern is very important to maximize the adaptation of the crop to the local soil.


6,5 - 9


Little Tolerable


  • Minimum depth
  • Well-drained


The most suitable climate for the crop is one that can provide winters with sufficient winter cold, few frosts in the afternoon and summers with not mild temperatures.


Most of the apple plantations are flood irrigated or with localized irrigation.It can be grown without automatic watering if the crop is located in a climate with high pluviometry.

For a good development, 700 to 800mm of water are needed per year, paying special attention so there is no water deficit during the summer.

Irrigation properties



The varieties most cultivated in Spain are the Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala and Fuji among others.

Other similar crops

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